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Amazing times [Jan. 13th, 2011|12:41 am]
While Queensland is in the midst of a natural disaster, Western Australia is having hot dry weather and drought conditions.

I had a flashback today - Something that totally flooded my brain with memories as soon as it hit me. Between 1997-2000 I lived in Perth. Sharing with a straight couple (Peter and Susie) we had a really cool time - after work we would go to the movies, pubs, cafes, restaurants and I decided in 1997 to come out of the closet!!

I remember in 1999 talking to Susie one day. She's an amazing girl. in the 80's she was a fashion designer living the high-life of sex drugs and new romantic pop! Then one day she decided that she had had enough - resigned fom her well paying job, sell everything she had, buy a 4WD ute and drive without a map. She just drove. She ended up at Broome and had a spiritual experience that also allowed me to sample some of her experiences.

So, back to Perth. Susie and I are chatting and she was told by a spiritual leader that the eastern states would be flooded and the only safe state was W.A.

That was in the year 1999. Interesting.

I chatted via sms to a few BrisLantis mates today - everyone is safe and I thank God for that - especially YOU nzguy1 !!! Andrew told me you guys are ok.
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What a change in Direction [Jan. 6th, 2011|12:10 am]
Its been an amazing two weeks. My two week holiday saved alot of things - my sanity - even my relationship I think.

The great thing is that I rekindled old friendships and made new ones as well. We travelled lots - saw lots - ate great food and had lots of fun along the way.

Christmas in Mackay, Queensland with my sister, brother in law and nieces and my man. Birthday with mates in Brisbane - The gorgeous Andrew and Al (nzguy) hey they were just so freakin awesome to see again.

New Years in Perth with new friends Jerome and Paul and had an absolute laugh and a half.

Im back in the home now and our pussy cats are happy to see us - I think they missed us (cuboz looked after them for us and did a smashing effort.)

What became glaringly obvious is that Sydney is a shit-hole and we both cant wait to get out. Sure Sydney has the night life but when you have a gorgeous partner, two cats - the city is superfluous. We loved Perth alot and Brisbane too.

Fun - it was all fun. Now its time to think of the future as a couple.

Oh - and Al, if you're reading this - thank you for making my night oh so special. You and Andrew are just wonderful friends. I will go to bed a teeny bit sad as the holiday is over and that these mates are far away but not far away if I get my act together.

I think 2011 will be very interesting.
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Spirit Day [Oct. 4th, 2010|11:57 pm]
Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

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7 Day Break [Sep. 16th, 2010|04:55 pm]
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[music |Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang]

I was fortunate enough to go to hawaii for a quick 7 day break with some mates from work.

After flying 10 hours we got to Hawaii at around 8am. The queue for customs was short and before I knew it, there I was in my studio apartment on the 27th floor of the hotel. The views were magnificent I must say. On the roof top there was a pool and spa - I had many nights in that spa and pool just contemplating what the hell I'm going to do with my life (I am going through an interesting phase to say the least.)

Mornings were spent getting a Starbucks coffee (and yes I do like a good espresso from them) and then we all went to the beach to swim and laze in the sun. I didn't lay in the sun all day because I just cant getting too hot in the sun anymore - besides - there was enough to keep me occupied - like open air markets and wonderful cocktail bars on the beach!

It was 7 days of relaxation - exactly what I needed.
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25 April ANZAC Day - A day we all remember [Apr. 25th, 2010|01:33 pm]
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[mood |calmcalm]

I think the spirit of ANZAC Day is to remember what happened. How the wars were won, what hardship people had to endure.

My parents are of Italian descent. Dad was born in Naples and shortly after World War II began, his family moved to Rimini. They didn't last long there as the invasion/occupation of Italy caused their apartment block to be bombed. They all moved to Trieste near the country of Yugoslavia and not far from Austria also.

Trieste is a sea-side city yet is very close to the Alps. Hot summer days and freezing winter nights whipped up with a strong wind caused many a toilet system to get frozen!

Rarely, very rarely did my parents talk about the war. They saw atrocities caused by the German Nazi and they also had a few stories to tell. Today, if you care to, please read on to a few of the stories and think about how damn lucky we are. To be able to be gay, be free, play music or just walk. These stories form part of ANZAC Day for me.

Story one. (From my dad.)
Italians were used as slave labour for the German war movement. Italian Jews were placed into labour/death camps and gentile Italians still worked at factories but for no pay, just basic food rations. These workers were allowed to live at home but had to work at these factories to aid the German war effort. One day, many workers went on strike demanding more food from the German officers. The head German officer called up all the workers and asked who were the ones needing the extra food. The ones who put their hand up were immediately shot. The German officer then said, "Anyone else?"

Story two. (From my mum.)
The allied forces bombed Trieste daily. The Brits at night and the Americans in the daytime. During the air raids, a priest would go from bunker to bunker overseeing the people, looking after their well-being during what was a necessary evil. The allied bombs were strong - so strong in fact that the air blast alone could kill you as it could pick you up and throw you against a wall. My mum saw this priest going from her bunker to another. A bomb explodes nearby and a piece of shrapnel slices off the priests head. The priest was running at the time of shrapnel impact. He kept running for 10 seconds. Running with no head for 10 seconds. My mum was a child when she saw that and relayed that story in her 50's.

Story three. (From my Aunt.)
My aunty worked at a bakery during the war. It was my dad's duty to walk her to and from work every day just to make sure her safety was never compromised. Above the bakery was none other than German nazi head-quarters for the city of Trieste. On the day of liberation by the Americans, bombs, bullets, planes, explosions were going off everywhere. My aunt had started work early BEFORE liberation started. She was stuck at the bakery under nazi head-quarters during liberation. My dad was sent to fetch her. Dodging bullets he found her at the bakery and he grabbed her saying they had to go. My aunt said that all the nazi had left the building - they knew that there were riches - she made my dad go with her up the stairs. They discovered nazi that hung themselves and money and jewells thrown on the floor, paintings that were never packed also. The first room they went to was the kitchen. Food galore, they stuffed their pockets with as much food as possible and ran the hell out before they became casualties of war. 5 years of nazi and mussolini rule made them wanting food above all else. My aunty often says "Damn it - had I gone for the jewells I could've eaten as much as I wanted after selling them!" My aunty married an American liberator who, funnily enough, had a Russian surname.

Lest we forget ALL people who suffered during ANY war.
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Mr O [Apr. 18th, 2010|03:18 pm]
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[mood |sadsad]

I was at work from 4.45am this morning. It was a cool crisp morning and it was a morning to remind you that cooler weather was on the way.

It started to be quite a strange morning. Working for an airline at the airport you get used to very busy mornings with lots of people traveling to many destinations across Australia. Yet today, today it was decidedly quieter than usual. There were times when there was absolutely no one waiting to be checked in when normally the queue would be massive! I was enjoying the morning.

I then started to see the sunrise. It looked quite glorious as I saw deep purples and reds and orange in the morning sky. I thought this was special. I even had time to have a ten minute coffee break with my work mate Andrew and have a laugh about all the beef cake that was worth a perve - he likes twinky kind of men whereas I like bears. He points out bears to me and I point out twinks to him. It gets us through the morning!!

By this stage it was around 8.15am. An elderly man came up to my counter and asked to be checked in for his 9.20am flight to Melbourne. It wasn't a problem for me but I noticed that he was sweating and was out of breath. I looked at his photo I.D and his name was - well let's just call him Mr O. Mr O asked me how far was it to the departure gate. I said it was a 5 minute walk. At this I asked Mr O if he was ok as he seemed not quite well. He answered to me, "It's my emphysema - I was diagnosed a short time ago."

I did what I had to do - get him a wheelchair and assist him to the gate. I got to know him on the "push" to Gate 49. He's 79, German, had seen World War II come and go. And he only gave up smoking 18 months ago. Now, as he approached his 80th year on this planet, he is gasping for air, wheezing with every breath in. Like a whistling sound you can hear the lungs with labored breathing.

I smoked for 15 years - have I fucked up my lungs? I've stopped now (for good) but let me tell you, I got scared seeing Mr O. I've asked my partner to set a quit date too.

And to anyone out there bothering to read this. If you smoke, please PLEASE stop now.

Mr O was very appreciative of my help - he kept on saying thank you for my wonderful service and assistance - he didn't want to be fussed over but he knew he needed help.

So Mr O, good luck, you know your time on this earth is limited - I was glad to have made a difference today and thank you for showing me another reason why I gave up that habit. I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter in Melbourne.

My dad is 79. But he has Alzheimer's.

If it's not one thing it's something else eh?
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Something a bit different [Mar. 29th, 2010|08:56 pm]
[Current Location |Earlwood]
[mood |happyhappy]

It was my first day back at work today after a six week absence! Two weeks holidays and then four weeks to get over the tonsil surgery which ended up being so painful as I copped a rather nasty throat infection as well.

However, that's not the reason for my post. you see the past few weeks I have been relatively quiet as it's been quite difficult to talk - so I've seen alot of things from a different perspective. Today at work, I was on the tarmac at the airport, marshaling passengers on and off airplanes from the back of the plane. Now this might sound dull - but today I saw it from that different perspective I was talking about.

Today I saw two planes that were stuck in Sydney - they probably had a problem or a broken part. This happens to planes and is nothing to worry about - the only bad thing is the inconvenience it causes people when their plane breaks down. So today I saw a Singapore Airlines B777-200 and a United B747-400 both stuck in Sydney.

Sounds silly to you but to me it was something that I normally don't take notice of - until my change of perspective.
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Thought for a day [Mar. 17th, 2010|10:55 pm]
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[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Crickets in the backyard!]

Got news today that someone in the bear world in Sydney died today. He wasn't a close friend, a mate, merely someone I knew through other friends (that I rarely see nowadays).

Going through someone's Facebook tonight - I discovered his face was there a few times in pictures from the bear pool party held around Mardi Gras. I then went into a certain Facebook page - the one from said person who has passed on. So many tributes from many people.

The circumstances are not clear so I will not post anything about what I've heard on how it all happened.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's as easy as "here today, gone tomorrow."

On a much lighter note - I am feeling much better now a few weeks post operation. No more need for pain killers (ah and they WERE the good ones) and now just waiting for the all clear from the doctor. The strange thing is that now I'm unable to breathe out of my nose when laying on my back in bed - only via my mouth. Strange.
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Tonsils [Mar. 3rd, 2010|01:12 pm]
Had my tonsils removed just the other day. Damn it hurts. Using pain relief medication and lost of rest - amidst soy ice cream, chicken soup and stewed apples for consumption.

My partners been wonderful, my sisters been helping me out too - I feel very blessed to be able to have both of them here.

Anyhoo - enough of that.

I really REALLY don't have much to say. so sayonara for the moment!
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Christmas,family and work [Dec. 28th, 2009|10:50 pm]
So my father has alzheimers disease. It's been rough on my whole family especially mum. I had to wrk through Christmas so I was at my mum and dad's two days before Christmas with my dads sister (my aunty) who has short term memory loss. Alzheimers, short term memory loss and two others that seem to be "with it."

It's been a damn tough couple of days.

I've been let down by some friends today as well.

But, today, the day before my birthday, I had a day with my partner, cooked dinner, had a martini and then some gorgeous sauvignon blanc.

My feelings have been a bit "out there." Sometimes I don't feel at all - sometimes I laugh and then cry.

Thank God for my sister and her family as well as my partner.

Anyway enough of this. It's not all bad. There are worse things out there.

Not the kind of update on LJ you were expecting, right?
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